CBD Cartridge 400mg 1 mL. Mango


CBD Cartridge 400mg 1 mL. Mango. The citrus mango taste brings a little hint of sweetness with a natural terpene blend. It's almost like we could teleport to a tropical beach, and just take that minute we need to chill. Whether you need a little environmental stimulus recovery, relief, or simply to relax, this little MANGO has got you covered. Specially formulated with Full Spectrum CBD to bring all the feels CBD has to offer, with a little sweet hint of the tropics mixed in to help you find your personal serenity.

No PG, PEG, VG or Vitamin E. Nicotine Free, <0.3% THC

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Caprylic Acid, Natural 
Terpenes or Extracts

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